Sweet, a new place to drown pancakes in gelatinous corn syrup mislabeled "maple" is opening in the West Village! And it is an "international" chain restaurant, so you won't have worry about getting served any weird pretentious "locally sourced" crap you're not used to. Sometime next month the corner of Carmine and Varick Streets will be transformed into a little nostalgic taste of whatever soulless suburban strip mall you moved to New York to escape. IHOP is almost here, and the West Village could be anywhere!

The 10,000 square feet multi-level pancake purveyor will be the third IHOP to open in Manhattan, with other locations already making the East Village and Harlem a little more generic. Another location will open inside the Limelight Marketplace, with others to eventually fill in any remaining nooks and crannies in Manhattan not yet filled by 7-Eleven, Chase Bank, Starbucks, and CVS. Get used to it—IHOP signed a lease to occupy this West Village corner for the next half century. [Via Fork in the Road]