Interactive maps are super helpful, whether they're directing you to the city's best restaurants or away from the scourge of sidewalk seating. Never forget rat map! And now, an interactive map that tracks not just rodents and other creepy crawlies invading restaurants, but illustrates all NYC restaurants, their current grades and which ones have been shuttered by the DOH.

Safe Dining NYC tracks all of the 25,000 plus restaurants within the five boroughs, organizing them by type of cuisine or dishes sold. Click on or search for any particular restaurant and it'll show you their current DOH grade, an average of scores from recent inspections and a list of all the critical and non-critical violations discovered during those inspections. You can also use the map as a search engine for different types of restaurants.


Other features include a list of "The worst of the worst," or restaurants routinely slapped with high volumes of violations and a list of sainted "A+ restaurants" on the reverse.

The system's not totally infallible, though. We didn't realize Park Avenue Winter billed itself as "Hawaiian," while the map doesn't qualify newcomer Noreetuh as Hawaiian at all. It also cautions that some restaurants listed as closed on the map may have reopened.

Of course, the Heath Department has its own interactive feature on its website, where you can search restaurant grades by name and zip code. But it's not color-coded and therefore is boring.