Ha blizzard whatever! Lazy amateurs waste their morning cowering under the covers, hiding from the bitter cold and towering snowdrifts; WINNERS strap on their big boy snowpants and go wait on line for the most Important Pastry of Our Time. Even in inclement weather like this there's stiff competition, as you can see from this photo documenting the Cronut line outside Dominique Ansel's bakery in SoHo this morning. And among those queued up was NONE OTHER THAN the self-proclaimed #CRONUTGIRL:

Of course, Cronut Girl is now someone's identity. Or rather, HASHTAG Cronut Girl. Inevitable. Book Deal. Good Morning America. Howard Stern. Then Sex Tape. Vivid. OWNING IT. Dating Eliot Spitzer? Driving While Cronutated. Through God's grace, rehab. Barbara Walters. Resurrection. Politics? A brave, heroic Hashtag Cronut Girl turns her life around and unites a hungry nation. Hashtag Cronut Girl, The IMAX Experience Starring Jennifer Lawrence. Get there early and wait on line to make sure you get a good seat for the Cronut movie that defined a generation.

By the way, here's January's Cronut. Totally worth waiting in a blizzard for:

(Courtesy of Dominique Ansel)