The former general manager of Atera, that Tribeca restaurant where $150 gets you a leisurely 10-course tasting menu, has partnered up with chef Fredrik Berselius to open a modern Scandinavian eatery called Aska, nestled inside Kinfolk Studios, across from Williamsburg's Wythe Hotel. Berselius previously operated Frej in the same space, but after closing Frej for several months, he's partnered with Atera's Eamon Rockey to reopen as Aska. The name refers to "growth from the ashes" in Swedish, and like Atera, the tasting menu is in full effect.

The space is divided up into two dining rooms; one seats 18 people under a boss mural of a red-tailed hawk, the other seats 12 in a room with rotating art installations. Berselius’s six-course, $65 tasting menu will only be offered Sundays through Thursdays, and will change constantly depending on the seasons and Berselius's culinary whims. These may or may not include such dishes as mackerel with soured cream, yarrow and seaweed; sunchokes with apple, winding flower and dried beef; and celery root with hay, mussel emulsion and apple cider.

According to Aska's website, all the reservations for the tasting dinners are already snatched up for the immediate future. The only way they accept reservations is online, so if this sort of thing strikes your fancy, check back periodically and refresh. But the restaurant welcomes walk-ins every night of the week at the black walnut-topped bar, where you can choose from a menu including Potatis Dumpling with pork and smoked cheese, and Beef Cheek with potato and onion.

The wine list skews Old World and the cocktail menu is typically precious, featuring "vermouths steeped with local botanicals, a selection of house-made oleo saccharums and grain-inspired drinks using many styles of beer from local brewers." All the drinks cost $12 and includes such concoctions as the Hurricane Shandy (Brooklyn beer & wart, malt, persimmon) and the Suburbanite (Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry, lime).

90 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn