On Wednesday, New York City gets its first location of Wagamama, the Japanese restaurant chain that got its start in London in the early '90s.

The menu's broken down by category, including sides (gyoza, edamame and the like), ramen and donburi (rice bowls). Customizations are encouraged, like selecting the strength of your ramen broth or determining which type of noodles you'd like in your teppanyaki.

Communal tables are championed here—and the backless stool trend is alive and well, Lord help our lumbar.

Other Japanese (and Japanese-inspired) chains like Ichiran, Sugarfish and TsuruTonTan have made a huge splash after touching down in NYC, and given Wagamama's cult-like status across the globe, it's likely to be the same here next week.

210 Fifth Avenue; wagamama.us

Wagamama NYC Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd