Brooklyn has Smorgasburg, Queens has the LIC Flea & Food and Smorgasburg, and now Manhattan has La Marqueta, the borough's newest summer weekend food market, which debuted yesterday in East Harlem. Curated by the Vendy Awards—which serve as a fundraiser and ceremony for the Street Vendor Project—the Plaza will now operate every Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. through September 6th at La Marqueta, an urban market space underneath the Metro North tracks at 116th Street. It's a little secluded under there—but at least you won't get a sunburn!

For their first weekend of the season, the Plaza boasted Vendy vets like Solber Pupusas, Lechonera La Pirana and Khao Man Gai, plus other local eateries including Mighty Edible (Jamaican food) and Walking Dog BBQ, who were selling smoked pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.

During their tenure under the tracks, the Vendy Plaza will also be pouring beers, which this weekend were brewed by Harlem Brew, plus ciders by 1911 Ciders from upstate. Vendors won't be the same week-to-week, with other Vendy regulars like Luke's Lobster and Neapoitan Express stopping by from time to time.