Five of New York's secret supper clubs joined forces over the weekend for the epic Undergrounds Unite dinner party at a capacious, bi-level loft in the shadow of the Empire State Building. On Saturday night the place was packed with 165 gourmands who had found their way there in the rain by following a series of cryptic instructions—enter a bar on 35th Street, look for the man learning how to cook everything, ask him for a map.

Diners paid $150 each for the 12-course dinner with wine pairings from Brooklyn Oenology. Among the delicacies: Lightbulb Oven served a sweet Toasted Pumpkin Agnolotti with Spicy Pepitas & Brown Butter, Homeslice West dished up fresh buttermilk biscuits, Ghetto Gourmet wowed us with Seared Striped Bass over Spinach Ball with Parsnip Puree, Studiofeast dropped a tasty raw fluke with Yuzu Kosho, and The Whisk & Ladle brought the house down with their Dark Chocolate Pistachio Linzer Torte. (One gluttonous blogger was observed wolfing down four of those.)

So was it worth $150? Well, that all depends on how much $150 is worth to you. (It was comped for us, so we have no frame of reference here.) The food was excellent, the service attentive for such a massive event—a guy from Studiofeast promised to "bring out farm animals" if at any point our enjoyment waned—and the after-party featured live music (The Loom, She Keeps Bees) and unlimited dessert and drinks, so there was added value there. They'll be throwing another one of these feasts in January; email if you want to get on the list. And can we get a high-five for making it through this without dropping a single f-bomb (i.e., fo@die)?