Perfectly located on the ground floor of a newish condo, right next to the new nail salon "FiNAILly" and across the street from the overpriced Millennium Market, you'll find Fushimi, the gargantuan and batshit crazy Asian fusion restaurant that's destined to totally blow late night yupster minds. Fushimi, which has two other locations on Staten Island and Bay Ridge, may remind some customers of that scene in Terry Gilliam's "Fear and Loathing" adaptation where the bar at The Mint Hotel transforms into a "fucking reptile zoo, and somebody's giving booze to these goddamn things." But since we're talking about Williamsburg in this Foul Year of Our Lord 2012, catering to boozy lizards seems like a shrewd business model, eh? Ready to sign in for your credentials?

According to this instant-classic promotional video below, Fushimi is "a kind of Asian fusion restaurant that combines French, Japanese, and a lot of Asian cooking." You can also peruse the menu below; in the video, satisfied Staten Island customer Valerie De Lhomme raves, "I'm here three-to-four times a week. Fushimi has very inventive and creative rolls. The food is fabulous. And it's a very fun place to be at." Just look at that happy girl dancing at the two minute mark—man, you and your bros are gonna love this place, dude! Your move, Sea.

475 Driggs Avenue, between North 10th Street and North 11th // (718) 963-2555

Fushimi Presentation from metro ink on Vimeo.

And here's a short video Katie Sokoler shot at the new Williamsburg Fushimi. She tells us she felt like she was shooting porn (in a good way), adding that Fushimi has "the fanciest bathroom I've ever seen. It's a round room with separate bathrooms around it. The sinks light up and change colors so when the doors are open all the rooms are lit up different colors. Rainbow rooms!":

Fushimi Dinner Menu