Earlier this year the good folks of Queens Comfort found a new, larger home for their much-loved, slightly demented Astoria restaurant and, much to the relief of the locals, the move only took them about two blocks away. Even better, Donnie D'Alessio and family also hung on to the original space, and have spent months completely transforming it into a bright and cheery donut shop/lunch counter called Comfortland. Currently operating with limited hours (and discount prices!) with a grand opening scheduled for October 2nd, Comfortland provides a daily showcase for the exceptional cake doughnuts of Donnie's sister Montana D'Alessio Barbier, as well as the yeast doughnuts created by her new baking partner, Jackie Legge.

For a D'Alessio joint the decor at Comfortland is almost shockingly restrained. Not that the space lacks character and a sense of fun—a giant Kevin Lyons mural of cartoony creatures dominates the room—but unlike at the Queens Comfort mothership there are very few toys or tchotchkes around.

But if you're worried that the relatively minimalist atmosphere here means that the doughnuts are also on the quiet side, don't be. When I went on Saturday morning D'Alessio Barbier and Legge were offering such over-the-top varieties as Pumpkin Butterscotch, Arnold Palmer (covered in iced tea and lemonade glazes), Salted Caramel Apple, Peanut Butter-Chocolate-Nutella, Sugar Hill (with cream cheese frosting and pecan bacon), and a Chocolate Bomb, which houses a huge glob of chocolate pudding and is topped with chocolate icing, chocolate cookie crumbs, Nesquick powder, chocolate chunks, and a scattering of pop rocks because why the hell not. Everything costs $2 during the preview, and prices will range from $2 to $4 per doughnut after the official opening.

Also on hand this past weekend was a Rainbow Cake with chocolate crumbs, coffee crumbs, and raspberry jam; a Trashcan Cinnabon littered with pretzels and potato chips; and savory homemade biscuit sandwiches such as the McGruffin, a gigantic, sloppy version of the breakfast-meat, egg, and cheese classic. And the D'Alessios are getting into the ice cream game as well, with a rotating series of soft-serve flavors. This weekend they were pulling a Pumpkin Spice number, liberally sprinkled with Jalapeño Carrot Cake bits. And this is all just during the preview! Expect the menu to grow and get crazier as we get deeper into the fall.

Note: this is a counter service restaurant, but it comfortably seats about 36 (though as at any doughnut shop a substantial portion of customers seem to be ordering to-go).

Comfortland is located at 40-09 30th Avenue and is open this week from Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Starting October 2nd the hours will be 7 a.m to 4 p.m. daily.