The Bowery is so hot right now, even its diners are haute. The once-and-future Skid Row this month welcomed its first new diner in ages, The Bowery Diner, but let's be clear: this isn't your usual Greek greasy spoon. Nope, this guy comes with a pedigree (Motorino's Mathieu Palombino is behind it) and wears it proudly on its pastel-colored sleeve. Yeah, they've got a $16 Reuben sandwich—but they've also got a "seafood tower" and a 1 1/2 pound lobster on hand, not to mention and lots of cocktails and wines.

The 130-seat Diner, located next to the New Museum, is a pretty safe distance from the Moonstrucks of the world, so it shouldn't have trouble pulling in hungry customers. Also working in the thoroughly-retro joint's favor—seriously, check out the glass dessert case and that juke box!—is the late night menu and full bar. Unfortunately, the restaurant currently breaks the cardinal rule of diners and is only open from 5 p.m., but breakfast and lunch are planned soon (very soon, preferably).

Still, it is hard not to be charmed by the roomy decor—which eschews the current standard reclaimed wood look while recalling the area's history of restaurant supply stores with things like lots of stainless steel and polished concrete floors. There are definitely kinks still being worked out here, but it is still very nice to see somebody trying to give the old diner a new polish—especially when that somebody is Palombino, whose original, beloved restaurant was so cruelly demolished.

241 Bowery // 212-388-0052