This city contains multitudes, including the saddest McDonald's in the world...and the "nicest," which includes a concierge and fancy ass French pastry. I honestly don't know which one I'd like to spend less time in.

A Chelsea franchise (809 6th Avenue) of Mickey D's—part of a family dynasty that spans three (!!!) generations—has reopened as a next generation McDonald's, complete with the popular new computer ordering system, a "sleek interior...with curated kitchen views," and an arrangement that dispatches servers to bring your nuggets to your table. If this is Trump's America then...nope, nope, will never be on board for that.

Besides the new system and the concierge, the baked options seem to be the larger part of what they're trying to accomplish. Their signature microwaved apple pie has been upgraded with a latticed crust, and they'll also serve things like chocolate and plain croissant.

McDonald's locations in Europe are already offering fresh pastries and the like. I made what the kids are calling a "Snapchat" about one on a recent trip to Spain but, as I am Old, I do not know how to revive it for the internet, so you'll have to trust me.

This store is the first of its kind in the United States and McDonald's says they're looking to "elevate the customer experience in the New York Metro Region." With Millennials (allegedly) abandoning the brand and companies like Starbucks nipping at their heels, McDonald's must find new ways to stay competitive.

McMuffins can take you only so far.