Ridgewood is having a moment right now, by which we mean lavish attention from the New York Times and silly hybrid nicknames. Can an Urban Outfitters mini mall be far behind? For now, at least, let's all welcome Julia's, which started serving up booze and bites in prime Ridgewick just over a month ago.

Julia's is a second effort from Crystal River Williams and Denise Plowman, who opened cafe Norma's back in the pre-Bushwood year of 2012. And though Julia's still has that decidedly "new" feel about it, it looks like it'll be a welcome addition to the 'hood—regulars are already coming in for local brews, wines, and tasty small plates. Menu items include Nut Brown Braised Beef Turnovers ($8) that are slow-cooked in an Ithaca Nut Brown Ale; a $7 Golden Brat cooked in Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold; and a Savory NY Cheese Plate ($7), with goat milk cheese from Nettle Meadow Creamery in Warrensburg, NY.

Brews run about $5, and wine-and-beer cocktails like a Queen Bee—honey mead, sherry and vermouth with port-infused cherries—Black Velvet—an NY stout combined with a sparkling white wine—and the Golden Pear—a local pilsner and a pear-infused wine—run $6 to $8. They've also got house beers like a Nut Brown Ale and a Mexican Chocolate Stout, and wines are all sourced from local organic vineyards.

Julia's won't just be blessing RiQueBro with cheese and alcohol; last month, Williams and Plowman told Bushwick Daily they intend to host art classes, wine tastings, drink-and-draw workshops and art exhibits in their space.

Julia's is located at 818 Woodward Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens.