The latest trend in dining projects seems to be a reinvention of a typically underwhelming staple of the American mall: the food court. From the West Side splendor of Gotham West Market to Anthony Bourdain's forthcoming international market to, yes, that gargantuan Italian food mecca in Flatiron, bundling up a bunch of eateries all under one roof has proven to be a popular and economical way for restaurants and developers to expand their brands. The latest in these fancy food courts is Hudson Eats, a sleek new venture opening up next Tuesday inside Brookfield Place (nee World Financial Center), packed with big name outlets hoping to lure in the suit-and-tie set for lunch.

That's not to say camera-toting tourists won't be welcome as well; the dining area will be open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner for anyone who stops in. The concept has been declared "fast-casual," and while the food may come out quickly the space leans more high end, with handsome wood and leather seating, sleek modern light fixtures and lovely views over the Hudson and neighboring marina where fancy boats tilt with the current.

The food ain't too shabby either, with offerings from the likes of Black Seed Bagels, Mighty Quinn's BBQ and Umami Burger all setting up shop in the smartly designed vendor stalls. Savvy diners would do well to head over here to grab dishes instead of waiting on the infernal lines that plague the restaurant's solo outposts; something tells us not as many folks will be willing to travel to the edges of Battery Park City to get their bagel fix.

Also on board, Little Muenster and their creative grilled cheese sandwiches, including a new lobster version and another made with corned beef tongue. Dos Toros will serve their killer burritos, Num Pang brings their delicious Cambodian sandwiches and Tartinery their dainty open-faced tartines. The list is rounded out with Chop't (salads), Dig Inn (seasonal health food), SkinnyPizza (thin-crust slices), Olive's (coffee and sandwiches) and Sprinkles (cupcakes). Blue Ribbon Sushi joins the fray in July and a forthcoming 14 restaurant should be announced soon.

Hudson Eats is located within Brookfield Place at 200 Vesey Street.