Jessica and Josh Applestone have finally opened their much anticipated Fleisher's outpost in Park Slope at Fifth Avenue and Sackett. Yesterday we stopped by the soon-to-be-hotspot and chatted with the couple, who also run the popular upstate butcher shop. "This neighborhood makes a lot sense for us," Jessica stated simply. "It's our demographic." Yup: Park Slope residents do a great deal of home delivery, and in case you hadn't noticed, the neighborhood is crawling with parents concerned about organic food. The Applestones should do just fine here.

This Fleisher's will have all of the same products and prices as the upstate location in Kingston. It's stocking homemade pies, some of which are gluten free—cottage, meatball, tamale, and meatloaf—as well as gluten full options, sausage and chicken pot pie to name a few. These range in price from $11 to $15.99, and Fleischer's also stocks polenta, Ronnybrook milk, organic eggs from upstate, Hot Bread Kitchen's lavash and tortillas, as well as about thirty different varieties of homemade sausage made with organic spices and cold cuts. The nose to tail butcher shop will use every aspect of the animal, and they'll be creating dog food, dog treats, soaps, and other goods from the unused animal parts.

"If you can come in and make dinner [from what you get] here that's our goal—we're really a neighborhood butcher. That's what we've always done and that's what we do best," said Jessica, who'll be commuting part-time from the Kingston location. It'll be open Tuesday through Saturday from 11-8 p.m. and on Sunday from 11-6 p.m. If you have any questions, you can reach them at 718-398-MOOO, and follow the new "mooRu"?