In an area where reasonably-priced, tasty food is hard to come by, El Sabroso on West 37th Street is a great option for those on their lunch break. The tiny restaurant offers several appetizing and affordable options—if you can find it, that is.

Located between a fancy coffee shop and hole-in-the-wall Lotto/cigarette shop, you could walk right by El Sabroso even if you're looking for it. What makes the restaurant so hard to find? The fact that it's tucked away inside a loading dock. But don't let the strange location deter you—not only does El Sabroso offer delicious food, it also has a miraculous "A" rating from the Department of Health.

Tony, the man behind the one-person operation, is extremely efficient. Not only does he do all the cooking, he also serves you, handles the cash, and busses the seating areas (there are two). While there is a menu, availability tends to vary and there is typically a daily special.

On our trip today, we ordered the pork chop, shared an order of the roast pork, and our lunch companion had the beef stew. All items are priced between $5-6.50 and include white or yellow rice, beans and "salad" (a sprinkling of lettuce). While the portions weren't huge, the meat was very tender with nice flavors. If you like heat, be sure to add some of the hot sauce. While the empanada had a nice, crispy exterior, don't bother getting it—it's just cheese and is a little lacking in filling.

While there are certainly better lunches out there (and certainly better Spanish food in Queens), El Sabroso is an excellent spot to grab some cheap lunch in midtown. Besides, you can say you had lunch in a loading dock. If Tony's smart he'll start selling T-shirts.

265 West 37th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues