Suddenly DUMBO has four new food options for hungry workers looking for a little lunch. That's because today Flea Food Under The Archway opened for its first day of business. Curious to see what it'd be like, we dropped by around noon and immediately made two interesting discoveries: 1) this is going to be a great summer addition to the 'hood and 2) either the word didn't get out yet, or the heat really scared people because that place was deserted. We weren't complaining though, more oyster po'boys for us!

At least on the first day, the situation is pretty much what the DUMBO Improvement District and Brooklyn Flea promised: four delicious food stalls, a DJ (playing Radiohead) and some tables hanging out like trolls beneath the Manhattan bridge. The Brooklyn Roasting Company was on hand as well. The prices were pretty reasonable considering everything else in the area (see the menu photos above) and, as long as those lines stay short [Ed: ha! just wait till tomorrow] this is so going into the lunchtime rotation. So, uh, don't go people. Yeah, stay away...

But if you must go (FINE) the fun will continue every Thursday and Friday through August and then it is back to Foragers and Bridgefresh for the lot of you.

Update: And that was fast. An hour after we stopped by there is now a goodly crowd at the four stands. Sigh!