A new restaurant opening Thursday evening combines the classic American steakhouse with classic Korean barbecue. Cote, run by Simon Kim, an owner of Michelin-starred Piora in the West Village, will be a "Korean steakhouse," as the team has dubbed it, offering both the experience of Korean barbecue with prime cuts of beef and some steakhouse staples on the menu.

"It's more appealing to both non-Koreans and Koreans with a finer experience, good service and wines," Kim described to the Times.

The kitchen will be run by David Shim, an alum of M. Wells Steakhouse, and though customers will be responsible for cooking their own sliced dry-aged sirloins and marinated short rib—on $4,000 in-laid grill tables, I might add—Shim will be preparing steakhouse dishes like steak tartare and wedge salads, alongside traditional Korean dol-sot bibimbop and casseroles.

The primary menu option will be the "Butcher's Feast," a $45 per person extravaganza featuring four prime cuts of beef alongside traditional Korean banchan, lettuce to wrap the meat, stews, egg soufflé, salad and soft serve to close.

Victoria James, who was also at Piora, designed a beverage menu that consists of classic cocktails like martinis; soju, the drink of choice among Korean barbecue eaters; and wines, glasses of which will be "poured out of magnums," which sounds very fancy indeed.

16 West 22nd Street, 212-401-7986; cotenyc.com