Ripping on Midwestern transplants is a popular sport in New York, but you can't deny that some of the Midwest's artery-clogging regional specialties are damn tasty—things like fried cheese curds, oversized bratwursts, and cheese-oozing Juicy Lucy burgers, all of which are on the menu at Williamsburg's new Midwestern-themed bar, Burnside Brooklyn.

Drink-wise, the beers lean heavy in the Middle America direction, too, with Wisconsin-based Leinenkugel Honey Weiss, Illinois-hailing Two Brothers Bitter End, Michigan-made Founders Centennial IPA, and, of course, Milwaukee's Best cans for $3 a pop. And yes, Yankee stalwarts, there are also New York brews like Brooklyn Lager and Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold, plus a full line of vaguely fancy "Prohibition-era" cocktails.

As you'll find in many Brooklyn bars and restaurants, there's reclaimed wood everywhere (on the ceiling, on the bar, on the table, etc.), low lights encased in cages, and retro-cool diversions like shuffleboard. No guarantees that you'll meet the large-hearted Midwestern girl or guy of your dreams, but the staff seems friendly enough, and if they're not, you can always head across the street to that other location-specific Grand Street bar.