New Yorkers are living in a golden age of local boozes, with local beers aplenty as well as vodkas, gins, wines, and whiskies. So it's about time we add a bit of rum to the mix: everyone give a warm welcome to The Noble Experiment a brand-spanking-new distillery in Bushwick (or East Williamsburg depending on who is giving directions) that is holding its first tours and tastings on Saturday. Did we mention that The Noble Experiment's founder, Bridget Firtle, is pretty much making her rum entirely by herself?

A lifelong New Yorker from Rockaway Beach—where her family home's basement was a speakeasy once upon a prohibition—Firtle last year left her job as a hedge fund analyst and moved back home to follow her dream and start whipping up white rum (and eventually aged rums, whiskies and more). Since then she found a space, got herself a still and named it Cleo (after a "native Brooklynite and Collie-Shepherd mixed-breed street dog"), sourced some all-American molasses and other ingredients and started distilling her first product, Owney's. Entirely by herself. TNE was supposed to officially get rolling last month, but unfortunately Hurricane Sandy struck and, well, suddenly Firtle and her family found themselves living in temporary digs in Greenpoint.

But now that things have settled and she's got enough stock, Firtle is ready for the world to try Owney's, her first very small batch product (which, along with distilling she is also distributing by herself). The smooth and dry hooch is just starting to appear in bars—but you can sample it for yourself tomorrow by going to the distillery for one of the tours at 12 p.m., 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. where $10 bucks gets you a very in-depth tour and a tasting (as well as a chance to buy a $35 bottle for yourself). We can attest that it tastes good.

If you want to go on a tour Firtle just asks that you leave an e-mail on the site or a voicemail so she can plan accordingly.

23 Meadow Street, Brooklyn // 718-381-3693