Next month a new "inhalable caffeine" product called Aeroshot is supposed to hit our stores, and yesterday our own senior Senator, Chuck Schumer, decided to give the company the best Hanukkah present a new company could ask for: He held a press conference denouncing it. And he didn't even hold the presser on a Sunday, as is his usual M.O.! "The truth is, AeroShot is nothing more than a club drug or a party enhancer, designed to give the user the ability to drink until they drop," he said yesterday, making the product's press team's job that much easier this holiday season.

Aeroshot, created by a Harvard professor, looks like a tube of chapstick but instead contains powdered caffeine equivalent to a large cup of coffee. It is already sold online and overseas, but Schumer wants that to stop until the Food and Drug Administration can get their hands on it. Aeroshot, for its part, says its product is safe to be used (but not intended for) children as young as 12.

Politicians looking for their next Four Loko-style strawman, looks like you have a winner! Meanwhile, we can add Aeroshot to the long list of things Schumer is against, including arsenic, bath salts, and John McCain.