peppermintbark.jpgGothamist was out in the Jersey suburbs recently (yeah,whatever) and visited a local mall for some holiday shopping. After stopping in Willams-Sonoma to check out their overpriced All-Clad collection, Gothamist was shocked at the frenzy being created by samples of WS's peppermint bark being handed out to customers. Women were clammering, pushing, and generally falling all over each other to get a free sample of the stuff. After telling a friend about it later, they decided to pick some up and see what the buzz was all about but it was sold out.

According to the WS website, the peppermint bark is made especially for them. It has a layer of white chocolate, a layer of dark chocolate, followed by a "snowfall of peppermint candy". A set of two packages of the bark goes for about $36.

Anyone ever try this stuff? Is it worth the frenzy? Or even $36? Enlighten us.