Apparently, Jersey Shore isn't the only American export Russians just can't enough of—they love our fast food, too. American chains are starting to do big business in Russia, with no signs of stopping. And man, those Russians are going to be pissed when they find out they're getting charged way more than us for crappy pizza and fried chicken.

“I could succeed in my sleep there is so much opportunity here,” said Christopher Wynne, a former US National Nuclear Security Administration employee who's now the largest franchisee of Papa John's in Russia. So far, he's opened 25 pizzerias in the country. Other popular chains include Subway (200 locations), Burger King (22), Carl's Jr. (17), and Wendy's (2, with plans for 180 more). Oh, and of course, McDonald's (279), which has been there since 1990, and just opened a location in Sarajevo.

But thanks to all that spare cash Russians have floating around, things like a Papa John's pizza with "the works" go for about $22 in Moscow, as opposed to $14 here. But so what?! As Russian Papa John's customer Valery Mamayev says, "Pizza is tasty." We can only imagine the grim-faced backlash when the chains start adding fruit to their menus.