2005_03_food_leg_of_lamb.jpgYes, it is March. And, blustery days make Gothamist yearn for the "lamb" that is forthcoming, in a figurative, Weather Channel sense. But, foodies that we are, we simply can't help but want to take things rather literally on that score as well.

Nixing the idea of eating lion, NYC offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy lamb, from the hearty Grilled Leg of Lamb Sandwich with Prune-Hyssop Butter and Arugula at Nolita's Porcupine, to the Braised Shoulder of Lamb with Swiss Chard, Jerusalem Artichokes, Mushrooms and Lemon Confit at Zagat-topper Gramercy Tavern. And, how can we forget about the glories of Greek lamb? Head to Astoria and visit Karyatis for authentic Mousaka featuring ground lamb, along with eggplant and a rich, buttery bechamel, or take a late night pit stop at the 24-hour neighborhood fave, Uncle George's Greek Tavern, for tender Roasted Lamb served with tomatoes and orzo.

Of course that's only a wee smattering of lovely lamb delights available in the five boroughs. Any other tasty shanks, legs or shoulders on your mind? Feel free to share them with Gothamist...


20 Prince Street (near Elizabeth St.)
New York, NY
(212) 966-8886

Gramercy Tavern
42 E. 20th Street (between Broadway and Park Ave. So.)
New York, NY
(212) 477-0777

3503 Broadway (between 35th and 36th Streets)
Astoria, Queens
(718) 204-0666

Uncle George's Greek Tavern
3317 Broadway(between 33th and 34th Streets)
Astoria, Queens
(718) 626-0593