Over the past few years the cult of Sriracha sauce has grown and grown to the point that artisanal versions are now for sale in Brooklyn. So of course you can now get yourself the hot stuff in... lip balm form. For just $3.99 you can have "a smoking hot SPF 15 lip balm that won't burn your mouth but may make you constantly hungry for fried rice or teriyaki."

The balm itself comes from the good folks at J&D's—who you might remember from such real Kosher products as Bacon Salt and such fake Kosher products as BaconAir—in conjunction with the lovely blog The Oatmeal. And considering how much J&D's Bacon lip balm tastes like bacon (which is to say, enough to be a little disturbing) we have high hopes for this spicy newcomer.

Oh, and that isn't the only new product the J&D's crew has launched for the holidays. Bacon shaving cream, anyone?