This has been a bellicose spring for outdoor cafes, first with all that freezing, monsoon-ish weather we've had, coupled with the recent sudden crackdown on sidewalk dining spots. But it does appear there's some hope for patio dining, at least where North Brooklyn brunch is concerned: a bill that would end Williamsburg and Greenpoint's War on Brunch is coming to a vote next month.

You all remember last summer's vicious Bloody Mary battle that captivated Brooklyn brunchers everywhere. An old city law requiring restaurants to refrain from serving outdoors before noon on Sundays—ostensibly so people could get to church without being bombarded by the worshippers of Eggs Benedict—was suddenly enforced, and sidewalk brunch spots like Five Leaves and Lokal found themselves issued with summonses. Luckily, City Councilmember Steve Levin refused to stand for such injustice, so he proposed a bill that would change that law. "It’s totally common sense," Levin told the Brooklyn Paper of his plan to strike down the antiquated rule. "I’m not even sure why it’s a law."

Levin's bill is currently in committee and will be voted on in City Council on June 13th; if it passes, outdoor brunch can start up at 8 a.m., assuming the rest of the summer isn't plagued by more apocalyptic weather, ha ha. Now can Levin do something about getting us our takeout margaritas back, too?