2007_03_brownie.jpgSomething new to add to the list of kitchen gear that very well may change your life forever: the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan. Rejoice, all you edge-lovers of brownies, blondies, snickerdoodle bars, whatever- this one’s for you. Made of cast aluminum and sporting a blocky M-shape, with interior sidewalls spaced 2 and ½ inches apart, the Baker’s Edge pan is designed to give every slice of finished product at least 2, sometimes 3, edges of corner-style distinction. The company claims that the additional surface area provided by the pan’s interior labyrinth not only creates more edge-pieces, but also optimizes their crispiness; the mad scientists over at Cooking For Engineers did a side-by-side comparison test with a standard 9”x13” nonstick baking pan. Baker’s Edge has a retail price of $34 and yields about 15 square brownies per pan, and can also be used for lasagna and gratins. With scissors, some parchment paper, and a can of nonstick spray, it is also entirely conceivable to make one giant, wavy brownie for someone you love- perfect for people whose name starts with the letter M! (or W). At the very least, the maze-like effect of this pan’s unfilled interior is enough to flummox small, furry denizens of some NYC kitchens, so even if you don’t plan on doing a lot of home baking, merely keeping the Baker’s Edge in your cupboard may be enough to slow down some this new wave of rodent intelligentsia that has been plaguing our city’s great restaurants. You never know. Buy it online, or locally at The Brooklyn Kitchen.