Gothamist's art director, Sam, has been raving about his new kitchen knife so much that Gothamist finally let him tell us about it. And we must say, we are turned on by the sexy design.

"I love my new Global Chef's Knife. It actually makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen. Sure the only thing I make is Ramen. But now it's prepared with nicely chopped scallions...

Choosing a kitchen knife required a lot of research (asking coworker
who cooks a lot and reads food related periodicals.) And after much debate, it came down to two: Global 8" Chef Knife and J.A. Henckel's 8" Chef Knife. I was told the 8" knife is the most useful if you're buying just one knife. Both knives are highly recommended but I had to choose Global for it's badass design and lifetime guarantee. That and I didn't want to buy a Henckel since my mom has a set."

Gothamist found this Daily News piece about woks helpful for further dimensionalizing the cooking experience.