The International House of Pancakes is coming to the Crossroads of the World! At last, tourists visiting Times Square will be able to taste for themselves some of the exotic cuisine that's unavailable to them in middle America. This news is also good for locals with a lust for international pancake flavors, because there's currently just one IHOP in Manhattan, in Harlem. The company plans to first unveil its flaghip location in Times Square, then expand throughout the New York metropolitan area, including Brooklyn and Queens. It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to dine at IHOP, and we were delighted to see that their menu already features authentic local flavor like the New York Cheesecake pancakes. Bloomberg and his health nannies are gonna love this:

According to IHOP's website, the New York Cheesecake pancakes consist of "two buttermilk pancakes loaded with creamy, rich cheesecake pieces topped with cool strawberry topping, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and creamy whipped topping." One order contains 1130 calories (530 fat calories), 59 grams of fat, and 2000 mg of sodium. But if you're interested in a less decadent option, you may also enjoy the Cinn-A-Stack: A stack of four fluffy buttermilk pancakes layered with a luscious cinnamon roll filling, drizzled with rich cream cheese icing and topped with whipped topping. That packs a measly 1010 calories (460 fat cal) and 51 grams of fat. Or if you're in the mood for something savory, may we recommend the Big Steak Omelette? It'll give you the power you need to go sit and watch Mamma Mia!, with 1220 calories (740 fat calories) and 82 grams of fat. God Bless America [pdf]!

"Times Square is missing that something special IHOP will bring,"
declared a company spokesman, who declined to elaborate on what that "something" is, but we're guessing it's big and wide and is making the sidewalk impassable. [Via Eater]