Eating on the subway isn't illegal (yet), just disgusting. But sometimes your blood sugar drops and you're late for a super important meeting (perfect hair takes forever) and you just need to get that bento box or whatever it is in your belly STAT. So you plop your backpack down on the seat next to you (as one does), unfold the tray table you always bring along for just such emergencies, scrape the splinters off your chopsticks and tuck into a quick but civilized subway repast. Still, sparkling, or tap water for the table? Fiji, if you have it.

This photo surfaced on Reddit last night, and to be honest it's probably too perfect. Again, just look at that man's hair! If history is any guide, this is really just a shrewd viral guerilla marketing stunt for Fiji water, or Oscar Health Insurance, or "Simply Tray Tables." By the way, if you're curious about those chopsticks, sells a set of 20 for $14.98, which also earns you 15 Rakuten Super Points. And is that a Wrangler backpack? Close enough—you can order one here for $30 and get the look.

We'll update as more guerilla marketing details become available.

Update:Georgette Cline, editor of The Boombox, writes in to say that she is the one who took the now-viral photograph. According to Ms. Cline:

I took the photo yesterday around 2:15 p.m. on the No. 6 train going uptown. I went one stop (from 51st St. to 59th St.), sat down at the end of the row of seats and heard this woman talk loudly and say, "I thought you were doing some art experiment."

I turn and look in the direction of her voice and there is the "boss" eating on his table with a Fiji water and chopsticks. I had a bad day yesterday and had a great laugh when I saw this because I thought it was so amazing. The universe works in great ways to help you out sometimes.

Sure, this man's the toast of New York, but never forget the enormous risks associated with subway dining: