Chef; photo -- Youngna Park

Gothamist once thought of becoming a pastry chef after stints decorating wedding cakes and interning at a restaurant out in California. But, despite the apricot-glazed glory, all the early mornings, red eyes, sugar in the bloodstream, and realization that becoming a professional chef could lead to reality TV (and subsequent demise of your career), we’ve opted to instead 1) take photographs of chefs and 2) enjoy the fruits of the city's best eateries.

However, if you have cooking on the mind, Gothamist recommends taking a trip to your neighborhood bookstore and picking up a few titles to get yourself acquainted with the job. We really liked, Becoming a Chef, The Making of a Pastry Chef , and If You Can Stand The Heat: Tales from Chefs and Restaurateurs. Moveable Feast also clues us in to 24 hours in the life of a chef, which Gothamist can assure you is a pretty accurate account of the work involved.