Photo by Sam Horine

Have you been iced? It's that thing that has been going around wherein you are handed a Smirnoff Ice by a "friend" and "forced" to take a knee and chug it all right there, down to the very last sickeningly sweet drop. It is the kind of thing malt beverages were invented for, even if we didn't know it until now. Or rather, know it until about a month ago. Since it became a thing there have been no signs of this vicious trend going away, and in fact, it's only gained momentum. Why, even the Paper of Record has now been forced to pay attention. So maybe that means it's over?

The Times notes that Smirnoff has denied this has been a devilishly genius marketing plan, but no matter what it's origins, no one is safe! Even beloved Brooklyn band The National has been iced, not to mention Gothamist staffers Ben Yakas (pictured) and John Del Signore. So we ask you, Internet, what's next? Because we're scared, and tired of carrying around this Smirnoff bottle as an ice block.