With summer almost upon us, the scourge of the ubiquitous ice cream truck jingle is back to torment New York again. But instead of letting it drive them barking mad, one group of concerned citizens in Brooklyn is taking action against the incessant, insipid jingles reverberating on all sides of McCarren Park. They've put up signs decrying the noise pollution, and formed a Yahoo Group to share and document their noise complaint calls to 311 and the local precinct. To us, they're heroes standing up for mankind's basic right to enjoy the park without resorting to military-style executions. But Miss Heather at New York Shitty, which spotted the group's signage over the weekend, speculates that the campaign is being run by arriviste condo dwellers who ought to just "get over it." And Roy Edroso at the Voice sardonically wonders whether they'll also "protest the crack of softball bats, the sizzling of outdoor grillers, and peals of childish laughter." We suspect these two have never been treated to a non-stop Kool Man "Pop Goes the Weasel" marathon outside their apartments. It is as maddening as it is illegal, and even the non-condo Inwood crowd agrees.