A few days ago, a Chowhounder posted news of a solid culinary find: well-loved It's It ice cream sandwiches are readily available at Pacific Standard in Brooklyn! The Yelp-described "nerd bar" only sells the mint variety, and the $4 price tag is the direct result of high shipping costs. For this very same reason, nearby Greene Grape Provisions sells the mint, chocolate and vanilla varieties for $3.99. It's It are an 81-year-old San Francisco dessert tradition consisting of a dark chocolate dipped, oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich. Earlier this year, Serious Eats discovered that It's It are part of the Google staff cafeteria lineup, and the comments section quickly filled up with more It's It intel, but the news bears repeating. Sure, destination shops like Myers of Keswick are regularly stocked with more PG tips and digestives than any anglophile would ever want, but a handful of places deal in a whole other constellation of single item nostalgia fixes, like the Moxie sold at Freebird Books or the cult-like Jeni's Splendid ice cream at Forager's Market in DUMBO.