A Long Island man has been arrested after he allegedly punched an ice cream worker for not accepting an expired coupon. William Hotz sent a message loud and clear to the world that day: I may scream, but you will always scream longest and loudest when you deny my ice cream coupon.

Nassau County police say Hotz, 59, went to the Carvel Ice Cream store located on Dutch Broadway around 11:30 a.m. and ordered an ice cream cone for $3.50. After he got the cone, he handed 55-year-old Joan Zhou, who owns the store with her husband, an expired coupon for "one free ice cream cone." She told him he couldn't use it, and he walked out of the store without paying.

She chased after him, and Hotz allegedly proceeded to punch her in the face several times, resulting in a cut and swelled lip. Zhou also says the man punched her husband. Hotz has been charged with robbery and resisting arrest. The Ice Cream Man should probably make sure to keep his eyes forward and ignore Hotz next time he tries to stop him on the street.