Finding new ways to get life-sustaining caffeine into one's body continues with the invention of cold draft lattes at La Colombe Coffee locations in Manhattan. Draft—as in beer—lattes—as in milky espresso. The folks at Grub Street describe the drink as pouring "a little like a Guinness," which you can see in the video below:

For iced beverage season, this is actually something of a game-changer, as iced lattes don't always get the frothed milk treatment that makes the hot versions so enjoyable. The infusion of air into the milk gives this drink the foamy head without melting the ice with hot milk. And it "only" costs $4, which is actually less expensive than most hot versions at trendy coffee shops. Also on tap: their regular cold brew, called "Pure Black," plus the option to order a half and half version, the "Pure Black & Tan," of cold brew and draft latte.

Today, the draft latte can be procured at La Colombe's Vandam Street outpost, with Lafayette Street in Noho following tomorrow. Expect all La Colombe locations to carry them by summer's end.