Sir Ian McKellen continues his delightful promotion for his turn on Broadway with Patrick Stewart in Waiting For Godot and No Man's Land. The venerable actor has been keeping a lovely production blog that answers common questions posed to him at the stage door. This week's topic: Is that real alcohol that you drink in the plays?

The answer is no, of course. McKellen reveals the faux hooch is a combination of tap water, cold tea and soda water—that's for the best, since the amount of alcohol consumption in No Man's Land alone rivals the binge drinking of a college fraternity. McKellen also eats in both plays, noting in particular the difficulty in consuming "greasy [chicken] bones...gritty with dust from the wood stage" in Godot (McKellen is vegetarian) and the full breakfast he's served during No Man's Land.

Props master Rob Brenner prepares the "scrambled eggs, grilled tomato and three slices of crustless, white-bread toast" feast under the stage during intermission. McKellen insisted on showing Brenner the "British way," which he also shares on the blog:

Ingredients: One large organic hen's egg: nob of organic butter: splash of organic milk: salt/pepper to taste.

Method: Throw all the ingredients together in a small saucepan and slowly heat the mixture, constantly stirring, until the eggs begin to solidify. I prefer my curds not too dry. The eggs this way do not ever separate but beware that the pan goes on cooking, after it is off the heat.

So there you go! If you ever find yourself hosting Ian McKellen for breakfast, he likes his eggs organic and runny. And make the man a proper drink; he deserves one.