2005_01_food_chipshop.jpgNo one likes a tease. And yet, after months and months of anticipation, complete with signs on the door advertising false start dates, Gothamist is still waiting with bated breath for the opening of The Chip Shop's Atlantic Avenue location in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill.

Why should Park Slope, with its original Chip Shop, have the corner on Battered Haddock & Chips, Steak & Kidney Pie, Bangers & Mash, Fried Mars Bars and Spotted Dick? Then again, Gothamist doesn't know if Kings County, or even New York City as a whole, or for that matter New York state, really needs any more Spotted Dick.

Well, one thing that the new Atlantic Avenue branch will have over its Park Slope sister is alcohol, with a full liquor license. That is something that Gothamist can get behind.

But for now it is only a only a torturous tease. Word is that they'll be open in a "fortnight." But, that may be folly as well.

The Chip Shop - Atlantic Ave.
129 Atlantic Ave. (btwn. Henry and Clinton St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 832-7701