The Navy Yard's future house of protein. via Terreform One

The Navy Yard has become one of Brooklyn's centers for tech, presidential debates and of course, Wegmans. And now with plans for the addition of a free range cricket farm that will harvest bugs for human consumption, the industrial waterfront continues on its path to become the most hopping neighborhood in all of Brooklyn (yeah).

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Park Slope architect Mitchell Joachim is building a cricket farm in the Navy Yard, in the hopes that it can become the go-to spot for Brooklyn chefs to pick up locally-raised crickets and turn them into the new Cronut. Joachim assured the paper his new farm will be able to raise up to 50,000 crickets per week according to, making it "the Mack Daddy of cricket-growing processes."

As a hedge against people thinking that eating crickets is gross (despite the fact that they're used as cuisine around the world and are a good source of protein), Joachim told the paper that he was planning on hiring a chef to come up with recipes that highlighted the bugs' versatility.

Another fun fact about the farm is that it was first designed as a futuristic survival shelter/cricket farm. Or IS that a fun fact? When you take into account that Brooklyn food trends set the tone for the country (I've seen rainbow bagels in my hometown) and that noted nude, mad and red conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been sounding the alarm that the NWO and global elites are grooming Americans to accept eating bugs as normal, could this quirky local news story take on a sinister new twist? Most likely not not, but it would be nice if this replaced 9/11 Truthing as the country's favorite NYC conspiracy.