While Lansky's Traditional Jewish Deli on the Upper West Side boasts delicious pastrami sandwiches and matzoh ball soup that tempts Jon Hamm, there is one option for the seriously ravenous: It's the Jackpot Sandwich, which features seven pounds of meat (pastrami, turkey, corned beef, salami) on ten pieces of rye bread with Muenster and American cheeses, cole slaw, sweet peppers and Russian dressing.

Chuckie, Lansky's head counterman who was constructing the towering sandwich during a recent visit, explained that the sandwich actually ends up being about eight pounds with the cheese, bread, and other ingredients. When we asked if anyone had finished the sandwich, he said, "Two guys last week!" Apparently a party of nine men came to have dinner and watch a Rangers playoff game. Each guy ordered a Jackpot, but only two finished—FWIW, they were drinking beer—and the successful Jackpot noshers got t-shirts (and bragging rights).

The Jackpot, at $26.95, is a popular choice according to staff (one employee swore he saw a petite woman eat one in 15 minutes). For the extreme eaters, though, Lansky's has something called the Ultimate New Yorker: It's got everything in the Jackpot plus tongue, deep-fried hot dog, beans, sauerkraut, and three potato knishes—that weighs in at nine-and-a-half pounds and costs $32.95.

Henry Kalifowitz, Lansky's lead counterman and a native Bronx-born New Yorker, helped Chuckie secure the sandwich with four skewers and revealed that deli goes through 300-500 pounds of meat on weekdays and over 500 pounds on weekend days. Henry's go-to-sandwich, though, is the pastrami.

Lansky's, located at 235 Columbus Avenue between West 70th and 71st Streets, also offers triple-decker sandwiches for $14.95, like the Lansky's Special (pastrami, corned beef, Swiss cheese, cole slaw & Russian dressing), the Broadway, (pastrami, turkey, Swiss, cole slaw & Russian dressing) and the Riverside (pastrami , corned beef, cheddar cheese & Russian dressing).