Hey things are pretty good at Madison Square Garden these days, huh? You've got the Rangers leading their division with an exciting, uptempo brand of hockey and the Knicks have a Porzingis doing Porzingis things. Yep, things are great at the World's Most Famous Arena, but don't worry if you haven't been able to afford a ticket to see anything there, because it turns out that for just under a year, hackers had access to customers' credit card information.

The World's Most Famous Data Breach ran from November 9th, 2015 to October 24th, 2016, according to PIX11. Hackers gained access to credit card numbers, names on those cards and expiration dates from customers at MSG, Radio City Music Hall, The Beacon Theater and the Chicago Theater.

The hacks didn't affect people who merely bought tickets to any of the venues, according to the Post. Instead, people who bought food and merchandise from any of the affected venues might have had their card information stolen. MSG hasn't said exactly how many credit cards were swept up in the hack.

“After learning of a transaction pattern indicating a potential data security concern, MSG immediately initiated an investigation and engaged leading computer security firms to examine its network, fix the issue and implement enhanced security measures,” MSG said in a statement released to the press, assuring customers that it is now safe to use plastic when paying $11 for a fucking Bud Light.

Let this serve as a reminder that watching a game at home with a six pack of Labatt is still infinitely cheaper than a night out at The Garden, even before factoring in cybersecurity issues. As the immortal country blues rock poet James Dolan once sang, "Life is just a carnival, this is a ride you get to take for freeeeee."