Huy Fong Foods, the company that produces the ridiculously popular sriracha hot sauce, recently came under fire from residents of Irwindale, California who claim noxious aromas from the plant have caused them great sinus stress. Despite measures to correct the problem, inspectors recently found fumes emanating from the facility and the city will appear in Superior Court on November 22nd to proceed with a lawsuit against the fiery food company.

If the fear mongering reports about sriracha shortages and rising costs are to be believed, we may soon be facing a kind of piquant panic the world has never seen.

You could certainly stockpile cases of flaming nectar should the worst come to pass, but chef Pichet Ong of Qi Esarn Thai Kitchen
 reveals it's easy to make your own version at home—and it doesn't involve renting a storage unit to house your precious hot sauce.

Pichet Ong's Sriracha Recipe

  • 1 1/4 cup fresh red long hot pepper, stemmed, seeded, and sliced thinly (about 5 4-inch peppers)

  • 3 tbsp of red Thai chilis, stemmed, seeded, thinly sliced. (6 chilis, 2 inches long)

2 tbsp of thinly sliced fresh garlic (3 cloves)

2 tbsp of rice vinegar

1 tbsp of tomato paste

1 1/2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp fish sauce (red boat or megachef brand preferably)

  • 2 tbsp canola oil

Water to thin (1-2 tbsp), optional 


In a blender or food processor, place garlic, peppers, and Thai chilis. Add rest of ingredients and blend until smooth. Taste and add more seasoning to your preference. Thin out with water if you desire. 

Recommended (traditional Thai use) on Thai Oyster Omelet, hoi tod.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled sriracha overdose.