A reader sent us a tip and photo from the Whole Foods at Union Square, where they were shopping with their baby (and stroller) this afternoon:

The customer elevator was out of order and the stroller was too big for the escalator so one of the customer service people escorted me through the basement, through the service elevator. To my shock and horror, while riding in the filthy elevator, I witnessed this.

The prepared foods (cooked, prepared turkey breasts) were being carted upstairs along side filthy garbage cans and employees with dirty dustbins...Really disgusting situation. This is how they transport the prepared foods from the kitchen to the counters. Notice one of the employee's ass rubbing up against the tray.

I can't believe this is how they operate. I am seriously rethinking purchasing cooked items from there ever again. The entire basement, elevator and area would surely get a failing grade from inspectors, considering the way they transport the food.

I took a quick snapshot. Needless to say, the employees were not happy about it.