2005_10_food_sugarlounge.jpgThe other evening Gothamist came stumbling out of West Carroll Garden's premiere Mexican hot spot Alma and walked along Columbia Street by the industrial waterfront, dotted with cranes and the remnants of a live poultry market. Just a block away, urban renewal was taking hold - but not here. This desolate strip was remarkably seedy and sad.

But then, lights flickered in the distance. (Okay. It wasn't really that far off, but our contact lenses were killing us and the margaritas were kicking in.) A few more steps and the establishment's sign began to come into focus: "Sugarlounge"

One step in the door and we knew we'd found a gem. Warm, stylish and open till 4am on weekends with a "tapas" menu that ranges from octopus brochettes to filet mignon to a bowl of M&Ms (with or without peanuts), this place could be a winner. And, the combination of mood lighting and the lounge's collection of surprisingly inviting silky triangular Thai floor pillows beckon couples for cocktails and canoodling.

The one downside - They have a charming garden space strewn with low brass Morrocan tables and tufts, as well as couple of hammocks thrown in for good measure. The problem - It's too cold to enjoy it.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that outdoor heating lamps are on order. If not, we want first dibs on the set of Thai floor pillows in the left corner.

147 A Columbia Street (between Kane and Degraw)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
718-643 2880