There are at least a million or so rats roaming through our hoodies and our baked goods, and one New Yorker discovered the easiest way to bring a significant percentage of them to the surface, were you to want to do this, which why would you want to do this???

"A homeless man threw a plate of rice at the track, this is what happened a few seconds later," the uploader of the video below wrote. You WON'T believe what happens next (unless you've ever had any encounter with a rat before, in which case you will most certainly believe what happens next, even if it sends shivers up your spine, which it very well might).

It's just like that old saying: the rat family that eats together grows strong enough to carry the bubonic plague together. Or as one of our esteemed colleagues put it, it's like those cute videos of puppies gathering to drink milk from a mother, only this time the mother is a plate of garbage.