Chinese dumplings get a lot of love in this city, especially in the hubs of Flushing, Queens and the city's various Chinatowns. Those in-the-know about other incredible Asian eats know to head to Jackson Heights for delicious Indian, Tibetan and Nepalese offerings, especially when it comes to momos. The classic Tibetan dumplings are stuffed with different types of meats and vegetables and either served plainly steamed or sauteed in a special sauce. These delicious parcels are the subject of an upcoming event, the Momo Crawl, where you can score dirt cheap dumplings while exploring this food friendly section of Queens.

Unlike a guided tour, participants in the crawl are each given a map that acts as a passport for $1 momos and points out all the participating places within a half mile of the Jackson Heights subway station. On the day of the crawl, Saturday, November 22nd, just find Jeff Orlick (aka The Queens Questodian) at the Jackson Heights Food Court marquee and hand him three bills of any denomination to receive your map. From there, amble around the neighborhood and eat as many dollar dumplings as you can shove in your mouth hole.

The crawl runs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. with about 20 different vendors participating. At the conclusion of the event, participants vote for their favorite momo to determine who will win The Momo Trophy, which took the form of a darling golden dumpling last year.