There's always so much talk in the summer surrounding who has the best lobster roll in New York City—but is there really a best, or are writers just looking for an excuse to eat (and expense) 16 lobster rolls? Recently a Bloomberg News reporter had exactly that many, and came out with this bit of knowledge: "New York’s best lobster rolls cost half as much as New York’s best-known lobster rolls."

Indeed, these suckers can get pricey, so if you want to splurge, you want to know how what you're getting, right? Hot dog bun or brioche, chips or fries... with so many preferences over how the dish is prepped, the biggest debate has to revolve around how it's dressed—butter or mayo, lightly dressed or drenched.

As far as the best of the best goes, if you want to know what the experts say: Tasting Table recently hosted a Claw-Off, declaring Luke's Lobster the best lobster roll in the city. This seems a popular opinion, as that aforementioned Bloomberg writer also declared Luke’s Lobster, along with Red Hook Lobster Pound, to serve up the best. (New York Magazine also has a drool-inducing guide to NYC's best rolls.) But what do you think? We asked our Twitter followers yesterday, and here were the most Tweeted back answers.