If it's autumn, it's time to enjoy the bounty of apples from the Hudson Valley area—and along with them comes Cider Week! Starting on October 12 and running through October 21, restaurants, farms, bars, markets and more will celebrate cider.

Cider Week explains, "The word “CIDER” means fermented apple juice, as the word “WINE” means fermented grape juice," adding, "Real cider is not brewed. There’s no grain, no cooking, and no fast route to high quality. Serious cider is all apple juice, pressed from superior cider varieties. It represents the land that grew that fruit. It takes time and patience. Great beer can be made in weeks; great cider, not."

A number of free cider tastings begins on Friday and some restaurants have dinners paired with ciders (such as at Jimmy's No. 43) and there are even cider making classes.