Happy Bagels And Lox Day, everybody! Of the many random food "holidays" this month, today's is easily our favorite. Not that we need a reason to enjoy one of the delicacies that New York City does best (always have, always will: suck it, Montreal). But now that the big day has arrived (who knew!), anybody down for a trip to Russ & Daughters?

One of the great things about bagels in New York is just how varied they are. You want a classic plain bagel with scallion cream cheese? No problem! But if you want whitefish on a cinnamon raisin bagel, well, who are we to judge? Though bagels first appeared in the 17th century in Poland, they have been a New York institution for ages. And, as we've recently discussed, despite fewer options than we had once upon a time, our fair metropolis's cup is quite full when it comes to appetizing shops peddling lox and the like!

Of course, not everyone loves bagels (blasphemy, we know). Some folks prefer their lox on a bialy instead—and luckily for them New York has its fair share of bialy shops too. One that was recently saved is a sprightly 92!

So, how will you celebrate National Bagel And Lox day? Just please, for the love of lox, don't say with Kraft's pre-cream cheesed Bagel-fuls.