After requiring that students eat things like Doritos and Pop-Tarts instead of homemade treats at bake sales, it's clear that the city's Public School system has its nutritional priorities somewhat mixed up. Which is why the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food is teaming up with city chefs to try to overhaul school lunches. Mark Barrett of Henry's Restaurant suggested that DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx start by using their giant mixer to make their own pizza dough "instead of serving pizza out of a box." Great, but will kids buy it?

While testing new recipes, kids reportedly bypassed a NYCHSF bean stew for that box pizza he wasn't too keen on, but chose fruit for dessert over, well, nothing because there weren't any other dessert options. And if kids won't eat the bean stew, the Times suggests getting rid of the pizza as well. Wait, what about that making their own pizza thing? Well, when the suggestion came up, school chef Larry Cowell kidded, "Um, I think I have a doctor’s appointment that day." Yes, kidding, but kidding on the square we think.