Finally, someone has brought lobster back down where it belongs, by coating it in batter and deep frying it. Meet the Lobster Corn Dog, a dish that smacks of state fairs but can actually be procured in Brooklyn (where else?) at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. And some people think a buttered lobster roll is disgusting!

The team starts with half a tail of Maine lobster, which they skewer with a stick and then dredge in a thick corn dog batter. The cloaked lobster meat then gets deep fried to golden brown deliciousness, sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning and dressed with lemon-tarragon aioli. At least it's not covered in caviar? On the side, wedge cut fries and coleslaw.

The hybrid restaurant and seafood shop will debut this fried delight at noon on July 4th for $15. Since they're only offering a limited amount per day, you may have to fight off fellow dog seekers. Let freedom ring.